Virtual Tour Presentation

Who may need it?

Our offer is designed mainly for real estate agencies, which, at the time of global economic crisis, want to differentiate themselves and attract new customers. Virtual Visit Presentations will inspire your audience with our focus on quality increasing your potential market. Customers worldwide will be able to "visit" the apartment or house that interests them, explore your locations freely and see the surroundings. Thanks to the Virtual Tour you will save much time and energy because you will not have to visit all properties with potential customers. For some Clients our Virtual Tour will be enough to make decision without the time, cost and inconvenience of travelling. The Virtual Tour may also be applicable for yachts, boats, ships, hotels and restaurants. We will help you show your facilities in a better, clearer, more comprehensive way than your competitors!

What is the Virtual Tour?

The Virtual Tour is a very modern technology that combines interactive multimedia and traditional photography. It is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of
panoramic images. A professional photographer visits the property, takes several photos, and run them through stitching software. The photos form a single panoramic picture we deliver to the customer. Flash Video is the most popular file format used to deliver our presentations over the Internet. Once converted to Flash, the presentation can be viewed easily in any Internet browser, integrate easily and seamlessly onto any website and can be burned to a CD / DVD.

Why it's good to observe the world?

Obviously we buy with our eyes and the world is round. It also seems clear that companies need the Internet to promote their products and services, to display them to the world and attract customers. We should remember that in real estate a single picture can be worth more than a thousand words. The Internet is an increasingly important marketing tool because it can give your products a maximum amount of exposure. It is highly predictable that virtual presentation of products and services will soon replace conventional photography. The virtual tour draws customers’ attention and makes their imagination work, much more than a simple presentation of conventional photos. Currently a variety of industries use such technology to help market their services and product. Our Virtual Tour allows customers to see the entire site and move in any direction. We invite you to become familiar with our offer and its potential! Now you will have access to a technology used worldwide!

Our panoramas have the following possibilities:
 •movement in any direction
 •possibility to view an environment whilst on-line giving the feeling of being there
 •interactive elements (link to another site, pop-up, etc.) 
 •sound effects
 •popular presentation formats

What do we do?

We are a company specialized in offering short and midterm apartments for rent in Warsaw. We are very interested in latest trends of global Internet. In 2008 we realized
we could reach more clients using Virtual Tours than with any other comparable product or service on the Internet and we decided to include the technology in our offer. It is an incredible solution which offers people the chance to take a virtual tour from anywhere with Internet access through a display of photographs, creating an interactive map of any site, being a very attractive option, much more than traditional photographs. Virtual Tours give consumers more complete visual information than static photographs. Internet users seeking information about products and services are becoming more demanding; they are more educated and they are ready to invest significant time investigating the market. Therefore a quality website should provide accurate information needed by the user to make qualified decisions. The Virtual Tour is a perfect solution for real estate agencies that want to differentiate themselves in the market.

Benefits of our Virtual Tours:

Ability to visually walk through the property without having to be there, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
2. Freedom of movement – Virtual Tours increase consumers’ confidence in your property

3. Possibility of interaction with customers, Virtual Tours are a crucial tool for attracting buyers
4.Very attractive solution for visitors, it can motivate people to initiate direct contact with your products and services
5. Possibility to
raise your company profile, our solution indicates to potential clients that your organization is efficient

Our panoramas may be applicable for:


For example:

 •a series of professional photos
 •draft overview adjusted to your needs and your website
400 eur

Discounts when preparing several panoramas / price for one panorama

2-3 panoramas- 350 eur / shot
 4-6 panoramas - 300 eur / shot
 6-10 panoramas- 250 eur / shot