Muelle Uno - Malaga




SUPPLIERS have threatened to stop delivery at the new Muelle Uno commercial and leisure area at Malaga Port unless they are allowed access with their vehicles.

Since the area opened, they had been able to enter all areas between 7am and 10am to deliver their goods, but for the past few weeks, the Port Authorities have restricted access to the area until it is opened to general traffic.

When this will be depends on an agreement which is yet to be reached between the City Hall and the Port regarding transport of cruise ship passengers. Until then, distributors must go on foot from two designated areas.

One is only big enough for five vehicles, they complain, and the other forces them to cover some distance with trolleys along a steep ramp, wasting time and effort.



A PRIVATE yacht moored at Malaga Port belonging to a Microsoft billionaire co-founder Paul Allen has become an attraction to locals and tourists alike.



SEAGOING LUXURY: Tatoosh is undergoing refurbishment at Malaga Port.


Moored by the newly refurbished Quay 2, which leads to the Muelle Uno leisure marina, people can be seen having the photograph taken in front of the 92-metre (303 feet) Tatoosh, which is undergoing improvement works at the port.

It is perhaps hardly surprising given the sheer size of the yacht where one can see it has a 40 foot sailboat attached to one side, a helicopter on one of the five decks – it is equipped for two choppers – and what seems like a full size motor boat on the other side of it.

The Tatoosh is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, ranked 48th in the 2012 Forbes Billionaires list, he is currently worth an estimated .2 billion (€10.8bn).

Allen, 59, reportedly bought the Cayman Islands-registered yacht for 0 million (€76m) from US telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw in 2001.