Sailing boat in bareboat or with skipper / Motor boat in bareboat or with skipper

This term indicates the boat rental, of a sailing or motor boat without a skipper, so one of the crew members must be in possess of a valid sailing license, or sailing certificate. Upon request, at extra charge are available skipper and / or hostess / cook. Boats available for yacht charters usually measure from 8 to 17 meters and are equipped with everything you need during the cruise: cookware, cutlery, plates and glasses, pillows and blankets, and of course tops, anchors, dinghy and equipment for the navigation. In our technical sheets we insert the equipment of each vessel, as reported by the owner companies. Bed linen and towels, outboard engine for the tender and gennaker, are sometimes included in the rental of the boat and sometimes to be paid as an extra fee. Normally the hire of this type of boats is weekly from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning, returning to the base on Friday evening, but on request are available also shorter periods and weekends. You always have to leave a deposit, normally by credit card at check-in. This deposit can be insured privately, and sometimes by the same owner with a non refundable deposit plus a small deposit. Always excluded from the rental fee and to be supported by the client are fuel, port fees and galley costs.


With "Crewed" are defined motor or sailing boats with crew. These boats usually measures over 18 meters, but can be smaller sometimes. This type of charter is different from bareboat rentals, because in the price is already contained the fee for the crew, that includes not less than two people. The crew is not just managing the boat, but also the kitchen service and the reorganization of cabins and bathrooms. This kind of sailing holiday normally provides a high standard service, with superior equipment on board of the boats: ceramic plates, glasses, capacious tender, various water games, fishing and snorkelling equipment. In these kind of rentals with crew, the cost of galley, fuel and ports are normally anticipated by the client, paying a deposit called APA of 20% or 30% of the rental fee. The commander reports all expenses incurred by, receipts and tickets. Sometimes a deposit is required to cover any damage done directly by customers. Check-in and –out are not bound to Saturday, as the standard for the rental of boats in bareboat. The luxury sailing yachts with important measures (both sail and motor) typically are involved in weekly charters, time of check-in and check-out usually must be coincident (for example: from 12:00 AM Saturday to 12:00 AM on the following Saturday).

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