Application form for VFT code and/or police codes


Conditions for short-term rental, registration form and vacation rental contract  

Registration form 

- All renters, and not just the one making the reservation, will be fully identified in compliance with current security laws (popularly known as the Gag Law). Guests will be required to present a copy of their identity card or passport. As in the hotels, all guests must complete and sign a registration form upon check-in. According to Article 7.2, this registration form must be sent to the Police or Guardia Civil for each guest over 16 years of age within 24 hours of the accommodation, following the security laws of 2003 (Order INT/1922/2003 of July 3 on book-registration) and 2015. You can send a copy of the completed and signed registration form in person, by fax, email or online registration. The registration forms are standardized by law; 

- Registration forms must be stored by owners for a period of up to three years for inspection by Law Enforcement. 

Vacation Rental Agreement 

- It must contain the landlord's details, including an operational telephone number as indicated in the previous section for dealing with complaints, the unique alphanumeric code of the property as it is registered with the Junta de Andalucía, the booking dates (check-in and check-out dates), the number of tenants and the total price of the holiday rental. 

- If the agreement does not specify, it is presumed that the rental starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 12:00 noon. 

- The owner, or the owner's designee, will show the tenants how to operate the kitchen and appliances, and provide them with security cards and access codes to the premises. If the tourist accommodation is included in what is known as a Community of Owners, the landlord shall provide his guest with a copy of the internal bylaws governing the community so that he complies with them during his stay. 

- The owner shall keep a copy of the signed vacation rental contract for one year so that it can be inspected by the relevant authorities. 

To comply with the Vacation Rental registration with the Junta de Andalucia, your property needs to comply with the following points: 

- License of first occupation. In case the property does not have this document, it cannot be rented for short term. The penalty, in case the property is registered without the First Occupancy License, can be between 2,001 and 18,000 euros. 

- The bedrooms must have a direct view to the outside. 

- The bedrooms must have a blackout system for the windows. 

- The property must be fully furnished with the necessary equipment for immediate use according to the number of vacancies available. 

- Air conditioning and heating in all bedrooms and the living room. 

- First aid kit. 

- Tourist information and services available in the area, restaurants and bars, stores and supermarkets, parking, medical services, urban transport, local map and tourist guide. 

- Complaints book. 

- House cleaning upon arrival and departure of new guests. 

- Sufficient linen and other household goods, depending on the occupancy of the house and a replacement set. 

- Telephone number in Spain for immediate resolution of queries or incidents related to the stay. 

- Information and instructions of the household appliances for their correct use. 

- It is necessary that you check with the administrator of your community that the rental of the house for short term is not prohibited by the rules of the Community of Owners of your complex. 

- The plot must have a residential use according to the Urbanistic Norms of the Town Hall. 

Please, in order to make the registration according to the real characteristics of your property, we need to know 

a) How many bedrooms the property has:             

b) How many beds available (beds and double beds, single bed is one bed and double bed is 2 beds):           

c) Spanish telephone number: . (This can be the phone number of your rental agent).


Police registration of guests: 

In addition to the VFT code, police codes are also required, as Spanish government Order INT / 1922 / 2003 states that the property must be registered in the Guardia Civil or National Police system, so each time you have a tenant you use these codes to enter the tenant's details and passport. 

All guests must complete and sign a registration form upon entry. According to Article 7.2, this registration form for any guest over the age of 16 must be sent to the police or Guardia Civil within 24 hours of the accommodation. 

As we understand, in case of non-compliance the fine can range from €600 to €30,000 and suspension of the tourist ac vity between 6 months and 2 years. 

Please check this box if you would like us to apply for the police codes for the registration. 

From the person who is going to register the guests and who will be your representative before the Police, we require 

- Copy of passport/identity card and NIE 

- E-mail address and Spanish telephone number 

- Name of your parents 

Please note that in case you decide to change the person who is going to manage your property or the person who is going to be your representative before the Police you will have to notify them to change the contact details and the Spanish phone number. 

If you agree with this information and would like us to request the VFT code and/or police codes for you, please return this document, completed and duly signed by email.